Play Therapy

Play Therapy

You may find yourself thinking that this is just a stage or a passing behavior your child is going through. You stay up late searching online for books, articles, or blog posts looking for something new to try because nothing you do is working to help your child. The meltdowns, temper tantrums, yelling and the power struggles in your home are not how you pictured family life. It's too much noise, too much stress and the chaos is draining your energy. This is not the adventure you signed up for or learned about in Parenting 101.

It's time for change.

Hi, my name is Sharon Montcalm, and I help kids and parents find ways to enjoy life together again. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist who uses play and easy to understand methods to help children, tweens, teens and parents. Play makes sense to kids of all ages; it’s their language and the toys, games and activities help facilitate words and actions that create lasting change.

You can start turning things around today and have more calm and control in your home by scheduling a parent consultation with me at Olive Branch Family Therapy.

I utilize Child Centered Play Therapy, Synergetic Play Therapy, Sand Tray Work, Activity Based Therapy, and Talk Therapy.

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School related issues
Social emotional needs of the gifted
School refusal
Learning disabilities/504/Dyslexia
Parenting support and education


Play Therapy

Ages 4-10

Play is how kids figure out, problem solve and interact with the elements in their world. Play Therapy allows for children to use familiar materials like toys, sand, art supplies and puppets to learn to build trust, regulate emotions, reduce anxiety, build self confidence and communication skills.


Activity Therapy

Ages 10-18

Activity based psychotherapy allows for older tween to teens to also have developmentally appropriate counseling using expressive arts, games, activities while incorporating cognitive talk therapy for real world application.

Parent Consultation

Parent consultation is a key part of helping your child. Please be aware that attending parent sessions and being involved is part of play therapy services. Teletherapy is available for parent consultations.