Counseling Services

Our LMFT’s and LMFT Associates each hold a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and are professionally trained in a “systemic” approach.

Systemic family therapists observe problems within the context of the larger scope of the family.

In operating through this approach, the Olive Branch therapists believe the source of the problem lies within the family unit as a whole, not merely the individual.

Therapists using this approach are able to help families and individuals obtain long-lasting change through uncovering and altering patterns that cause distress to the family unit.

Our LPC’s and LCSW’s each hold Master’s degrees and specialize in psychotherapy services and individual interventions to help clients by focusing on mental wellness strategies.

They provide psychotherapeutic treatment to address emotional and behavioral problems which may be rooted in a larger systemic origin.

marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

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trauma counseling

Trauma Therapy

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christian counseling

Christian Counseling

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play therapy

Play Therapy

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family therapy

Family Therapy

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Areas of Specialization

Within our practice we offer therapy to individuals (ages 4 and up), marriages/couples and families. We specialize in the following areas including, but not limited to:
Ages 10-17. Allows older children to use expressive arts, games and activities while incorporating talk therapy for real world application. (Learn More)
Managing challenges through talk therapy by gaining coping strategies and exploring other systemic contributions to symptoms.
Improving emotional regulation and expression through improved emotional awareness, coping and communication.
Reducing anxiety through talk therapy, changing patterns of behavior, implementing coping strategies and discovering other systemic contributing factors.
Managing symptoms without medication, and also in addition to medication therapy (prescribed by the client’s psychiatrist or other medical professional)
Helping combined families smoothly transition into shared living spaces as well as working through conflict in parenting differences, expectations, boundaries, etc. (Learn More)
Obsession with weight, feelings of hopelessness about self-worth as dictated by perceived body image, compulsive dieting, binging, purging, over- exercising.
Developing assertiveness and confidence to set boundaries within relationships of all types.
Our therapists are all Christians and would love to incorporate your faith into your healing journey. We also will meet you where you are and respect your wishes if you prefer this not to be a part of your therapy process. (Learn More)
Identifying challenges in communication and building skills to help individuals feel heard and understood in their relationships. Equipping clients to communicate more effectively with others.
Helping divorced parents obtain healthy communication that serves in the best interest of their children. Helping married couples parent as a team and as a united front.
Finding hope and relief. Managing symptoms without medication, or in addition to medication therapy (prescribed by the client’s psychiatrist or other medical professional)
Helping couples that feel hopeless about their marriages to find hope, reconciliation, and healing. (Learn More)
Helping couples as they grieve the ending of a marriage, and find renewed hope.
Finding healing and hope after loss.
Rediscovering and embracing one’s true self as often gets lost through life circumstances and relationships.
Helping couples and individuals through the journey of grieving, anger, fear, rebuilding trust, forgiveness, and marital reconciliation.
Dealing with difficulties for both parents and adult children (Learn More)
Coping with fears, sadness, delays, premature or skipped transitions, etc.
Any challenge couples face from trauma, loss, communication, sex, anger, disconnection, relationship ambivalence, family of origin issues, boundaries, strain with in-laws, etc. (Learn More)
Boundary-setting, discipline, healing wounded relationships, communication.
Ages 4-10. Allows younger children to use toys, sand, art, and puppets to learn to build trust, regulate emotions, reduce anxiety, as well as build self-confidence and communication skills. (Learn More)
Receiving greatly needed support for pregnancy and postnatal adjustments including depression and anxiety. Processing grief and loss of infertility and pregnancy loss.
Use of the PREPARE assessment and curriculum, Member of Twogether in Texas, Offering preparation for healthy marriages, and intervention for relationships seeking resolution before the wedding date. (Learn More)
Obtaining confidence and security within ones self.
Addressing an array of issues such as pain, different expectations, dissatisfaction, and frustration, as well as healing from past sexual relationships.
Facilitating healing from past and recent traumas. Utilizing EMDR with select therapists. (Learn More)